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Thanks all, I am really looking forward to the race. Although I do not like to taper!
I think I will be a “good eater” type of runner, as I am a good eater now!

I have a couple of products from Amphipod and like what I have so far. The hand held bottle in nice and small enough for my hands.

Any suggestions on trail shoes. I am not wearing them for this race. It is good enough trails I should be fine in my good old Pegasus. I went to a local Scheels to try on trail shoes. They had a pretty good selection, but they seem so strange feeling to me, big clunky and well I have always worn the Pegasus.
I am assuming they should feel like “more” shoe, I have taken home two pairs and walked around the house and tried to imagine them after 40+ miles. I tried two Saloman shoes, the WT Wings, and the Comp XA. I think those are the names. They just feel clunky and stiff. Maybe they are supposed too!?
When I get a running shoes I feel like I should be able to run 20 miles in them without breaking them in. That's how I am with the Pegasus.
As I will be racing in the Twin Cities, and suggestions to any stores who have a good selection of trails shoes would be great.