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So RW's got a healthy bottomline. That's no surprise. But are runners any richer for it?

I subscribe (I'd say I was “tricked” into extending my sub by the relentless “you've got to renew NOW” mailings) but rather wish I didn't. Other than a feature or two, there's very little that changes from issue to issue. That's something that fancy design can't hide.

And although Sandrock spends a lot of time talking about running icons on past covers, they've had only no-name, pretty models for years now. (OK, a recent issue had ultrarunner Karnazes on the cover, but that raises another frustration I have with the mag but won't broach here.) RW is just so geared for new runners, it has little to offer those same folks six months later.

Now I'm speaking as an editor/designer of a regional “running” mag that's just ugly by comparison. But when I previewed for readers a modest redesign of my mag, I explicitly promised not to go the way of Outside or RW. (Even if I wanted to I couldn't: I have neither the skill nor the resources.) I wasn't surprised to receive several responses from loyal readers of thanking me for that.