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Agree with Sue. If no issue today and if that trend continues, no problem. Heck, I think I deal with something hurting for the first mile nearly every run I do. It's called working out the kinks.

One thing I would add, massage out the bottom of the feet. A glass bottle or jar works good for this. I used to always use Snapple bottles (back when I'd occasionally have a Snapple) and just roll them back and forth under my feet.

great advice.  I dealt with PF for 2 years had massages weekly, saw podiatrists.  What essentially got rid of it was exercising the bottom of my foot a few times daily.  I would stand on one leg with the other extended 90 degrees behind and act like I was picking up a coin from the floor with my hand.  To maintain balance, just about every muscle in my foot had to fire.