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Of course you guys want to run stride-for-stride and finish in sub-3:11.

But what happens if you guys get to mile 20 in 2:25 (roughly 3:11 pace) and you start to hurt but Adimal feels good? 

A) Does Adimal slow down and pull you to a 3:15 qualifier, but miss qualifying himself?
B) Does Adimal drag you along for another mile or two before you blow up and miss qualifying?  Maybe he goes on to qualify, maybe he sticks with you and fails to qualify too.
C) Do you go your separate ways where Adimal stays strong and runs a 3:10 while you falter a bit but still run 3:15?

Just something to think about.  I think it's great to have a training partner with similar goals, but on race day I think it's every man for himself.  Too much can happen in the span of 26 miles.  It can make running with another person very difficult.