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Just to make sure I understand, Ryan and Zeke, are you suggesting Adimal and I register for more than one of the marathons under consideration with the intention to run one but not the other?

If the idea is to do or skip the first depending on the weather, we'd be out the money for the hotel and registration for the event skipped. Since we'd like to take our families, this sounds too costly and impractical. (We're already planning to run the Grand Island Trail Marathon without our entourage or pressure to “race” it. That one's just for fun!)

But if you're recommending we register for two, just a few weeks apart, so we can have a second shot at a BQ … well, sorry, but that sounds suicidal. GITM came six weeks after Grandma's last year and that was really too soon for us. Chicago was another 10 weeks later (and 23 min faster than GITM; 10 min. faster than my previous PR at Grandma's).

Still, three felt like too many marathons in a single year for this 30-something bod.