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Like I said, I read the Karno's book. I found the chapter on his running the first South Pole marathon interesting. Due to temperatures even more dangerous than normal, everyone involved was trapped down there for weeks, if I remember correctly. He managed to talk to his wife by phone during the ordeal: She wanted to know when he was coming home to her and their children; he almost told her it depended on his not dying, which he said he seriously feared. Then, when he got to the actual South Pole, he took off all his clothes and ran around.

Yeah, he's cool.

I finished the book rather quickly and remember little of it. It was like reading a motivational speaker's powerpoint presentation: Full of high-energy “Look At Me!” stories that are supposed to inspire normal people to go after their more mundane dreams, but are really just somewhat dangerous, but mostly pointless, publicity stunts. I find it rather ironic that such incredible tales of endurance resulted in such short, shallow and forgettable prose.