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Well, there are much more impressive ultramarathon racers today than Dean Karnazes.

There are also more inspiring and less self-serving long distance running feats that have received scant publicity. Bringing attention to one is a reader of Runner's World who responds in the new issue to the mag's recent 10-page spread devoted to Dean's 50 marathons in 50 days in 50 states. “I was reminded of Terry Fox who, 26 years ago, ran approximately 143 marathons in 143 days,” Kevin Wood of Alberta, Canada, wrote. “Oh and did I mention he was battling bone cancer when he ran the 5,400 kilometers on a prosthetic leg?”

Today at, in the upper left corner, is a short video of Terry Fox's run across Canada. It will bring you to tears.

As the RW reader concluded, “Dean Karnazes is inspiring us to go farther Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope challenges us to live inspirationally.”