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Double wrote:
everyone is more than capable of accomplishing goals way beyond their dreams. Some runners will strive so far that they will beat runners who have a better predisposition for the sport genetically. That’s the beauty of hard work.

I have to admit it though, given all the time, equipment, coaching, nutritionists, massage therapy, et cetera, I could never run the 100m in 9.9, or a marathon in 2:05. Not sure what the limit is, but safe to say it isn’t, nor has it ever been close to those parameters.

This does not discourage me. In fact, everytime a new record is set, or a close contemporary PRs, my personal range tends to expand.

I’m having more fun running now than I ever have. I get big ideas, chase them awhile and then reality sets in. I take shortcuts, try new things, race differently, get sick, get on a hot streak, talk trash, get humbled, etc., all the time. I only really have one thing left I’d like to do in running and that’s not that important.

so run the 10k in under 29 minutes.. or faster… marathon and 100m may not be your race..