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Zeke wrote:

Other than these somewhat big things.. can something else actually cause you not to be able to be the best?

What about percent of slow twitch fibers vs. fast twitch fibers?

Don’t you think certain genetics dispositions favor certain sports? To be the best in sports like basketball, football, jockeys, body building, sprinters, etc. you have to have certain genes. Why isn’t distance running the same?

I once read a great explanation regarding Lance Armstrong to help explain how awesome he is to those that just don’t understand. He’s every bit of a genetic freak as Shaq, you just can’t see it, like you can with Shaq.

that would decide your race distance not your ability to be the best..

90% fast twitch.. 100-400m for you

90% slow twitch marathon+ for you

this is my point.. doesnt matter what your made of, you can be the best, just gotta work with your body, not against it.. ie pick the right race..