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that would decide your race distance not your ability to be the best..

90% fast twitch.. 100-400m for you

90% slow twitch marathon+ for you

this is my point.. doesnt matter what your made of, you can be the best, just gotta work with your body, not against it.. ie pick the right race.


I don’t understand your agrument. One minute you say that genetics is not a factor. Then the next minute you tell me it decides my race distance.

You said that if I have 90% fast twitch fibers, then I should run the 100-400m. However, if genetics were not a factor I should be able to be a 2:20 marathoner, even with all those fast twitch fibers. Conversely, someone with 90% slow twitch fibers should be able to run, what about a 10.5 sec 100m and 46 second 400m, right? All they have to do is train hard and really want it. After all, isn’t that all there is to being a good runner?