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r-at-work wrote:
I’m not sure that as slow as my long run/recovery pace is that there are going to be enough hours in my week to get to 100… but as the days get longer I’m going to try…

I know the allure of the “magical 100” is out there. I think about it myself too. However, keep in mind that’s it’s just a number.

Rita, if I gave you the choice of 1) averaging 50 mpw for the year or 2) hitting a month of 100 mpw, which would you take?

Everytime I read about running 100 mpw, I just remind myself that I’m already running more than in the past, I’m consistent, I feel good and I’m racing well. I’ll continue with this approach and bump my mileage during my next build-up. Maybe I’ll eventually get to 100, maybe not. I know I’m not going to get there just to say “I did it.”