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steeplegal wrote:
what is a good program to help me train?


I don’t know your running background, but it sounds like this is your first marathon. I think any program that gets you out the door and motivates you would be a good first program. I doubt you could go wrong with Glover or Higdon. Pfitz, Daniels and Beck (and probably Hanson) are probably geared towards people with a little more experience.

i need some speedwork, hills and also a program that puts in a good bit of miles…although, the long run scares me….

You listed the key elements, but in the wrong order. You need to get over your fear of the long run. Also the speedwork you’ll need is very minor (depending on your goal).

I don’t know anything about grandfather mountain, but it sounds hilly. 😉 So you’re going to need lots of hill work. A local runner does the Pikes Peak Marathon every year. Not a lot of mountains in Minnesota, so he does lots of hill repeats, runs lot of stairs and simulates long hills on the treadmill.