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Alot could be said for people moving back into urban areas and walking/biking/public transit to work, but it seems that solution is rarely brought up in such discussions.  😉

i drive a 2500HD Chevy Silverado (The boat & horse make it necessary.)  I'm lucky if I get 13 mpg.  Fortunately, I only work about 6 miles away. Still, I park the truck and ride the Cannondale if weather & time permit.

Well, it is actually the choice of having a boat and a horse that led to that so-called 'necessity', no?  I am not saying you or anyone necessarily should choose differently, I just question couching driving a large vehicle as a true 'necessity'.  Having a vehicle is necessary for getting to the mountains, but I would never insist that getting to the mountains is really necessary — ultimately it all comes down to my own choices.