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Ed, just remember. Pace isn't everything right now. You're doing well but don't run yourself into the ground.

Charlene, good job. The usual 60, that to me means consistency. That's big for any runner. Those are some big workouts, also. 3×2 mile at 10K pace is a huge workout. You're right on with that, no need to be a workout hero.

For me, the first 5 days of this week were the final 5 days of a cutback so nothing exciting. Today, I got in probably my best long run of the year so far. 15 hilly miles at just sub-7 pace. Not the longest of the year and not the fastest of the year but tied for the hilliest, close to the longest, close to the fastest and I felt good. Things are coming around and I needed that cutback.

Time to see what Ed has been up to this week and finalize his plan for next week… 🙂