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Another 60+ mile week for me, I haven't run this kind of mileage since training for Boston several years ago & so far everything is feeling good. My week consists of easy miles on the trails, strength & speed days and a long run on the weekend.  This time I'm doing a few things differently, one being the long run & tempo work is done on the roads instead of trails.  I feel like the feedback I get from the roads is better then on the trails & since my marathon is run on the street, I think my legs will be better adapted to the pounding.  Before I'd take the day after the long run off, this time I'll run 6-8 miles easy the day after, seems to help with recovery.    I'm also running a mid week run of 14-15 miles, I never did that before & it seems to benefit my overall endurance. 

Having taken a break from the marathon for a few years has really helped with my attitude regarding training, I'm enjoying it & look forward to what each day brings.