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I had a very good week last week finishing with my highest weekly mileage so far this year.

I had struggled since the last week of January due to a minor injury in late January followed by an illness, and then some struggles with allergies. My training has been very up and down since then. Last week and this week were both 60+ miles — the first time that has happened since January. I am also starting to feel about as fit as I was feeling then. I have not been doing workouts consistently since January — though some of my runs have been at a fairly quick pace. This week, I ran two workouts and a long run. Tuesday included 3×5 min @ 5K effort with 3 min recovery. Friday included three sets of 30s on/30s off for one mile. Which turned out to be 3 sets of 6x30s with 30s recovery. The recovery portion was slower, but was not really easy. Miles were covered around 5:50, 5:40, and 5:30. The time progression is probably more a result of course hilliness than any increase in effort on my part. On Sunday, I ran 16 miles with the first half @58 and the last half @52. Often, I do not wear a watch, but this time I had promised to be back home at a specific time and so I wore my watch. With about 10 miles to go, I realized that I was running behind schedule and from that point, the run became a progression run — starting around 7:00 pace and dropping below 6:00 for the last mile.

Significant to me, my Sunday run included the hill on which I had incurred the freaky calf injury back in January. Even though there was no reason to think that I might be injured there again, I felt some trepidation until after I had passed that point in the run. In January, I was beginning to feel very fit and fast. I am starting to feel that way again and I look forward to running the Trolley Run in a couple of weeks to see how my fitness compares to last year at about the same time. I think that I may well be fitter than last year despite the questionable two months of training in February and March.

Great job, Ed! Good luck recovering from your sore throat and cold. I read recently that exercise — but not too strenuous — can help relieve cold symptoms. Thanks for starting this thread. Cesar and Andrew, Good luck with your recoveries. Everyone else, great job!