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Awesome race Dana!!! I must have been behind you for the first part, catching your draft!!! 😀 I decided to do something stupid and mess with my “system” – wanted to see if I indeed needed all that stuff I took in during the race (had a little nausea set in towards mile 17 last 2 races) …. man oh man did I bonk.  ;D Lost a good 4-5 minutes over the last 5 miles and almost – gulp, yes I will say it … I ALMOST WALKED!!!!! Yes, very sad when pace is no longer the issue and the need to stop is.

I did push over a walking, IPOD wearing, half marathoner that was totally oblivious to my frantic yells that I was  “on her right!!!”  ::) I mean c'mon, walking 4 across through the tunnel and not paying attention????

Any how great race, I hope one day I can run a nice negative split like that.  Sounds like a fantastic race!!! Congrats on getting the work done and then getting to show it off on race day. 8)