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Despite the temps, I decided to go out at goal pace (6:52 m/m) and see how long I could hold on.

Uht oh!!!

The first mile I ran at what felt like a comfortable pace. I was surprised to see my split was 6:24. So it’s hot, and I started too fast. In other words, I’m in trouble.

Again, uht, oh!!!

Bottom line is that I didn’t adjust for the conditions.

Yep, chaulk that up to experience.

The good news is that I still got a six minute PR.


This race had Weight Classes, I took second in the 190-210 pound weight class and won a nice mug.

Was this a running race or a wrestling match? Nothing like bringing home some hardware.

I think I have a good shot at reaching my goal in February.

I agree. 6 more minutes isn’t that much given the conditions you ran in.