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Forget about any specific training plan right now. Just run. Every chance you get, every day you can, run. Build up your miles slow and steady. Run. Start with whatever you can handle, and the next day, come back for more. In the beginning, don't worry about the # of miles more than the amount of time you're running. Just run. When you can comfortably handle at least 40-50 minutes of sustained running 5-6 days per week for a month or more consecutively, then you can start thinking about a training plan that will get you ready to handle a goal race. You have over 400 days before the goal race you mentioned. Most training plans are anywhere from 8-12 weeks, after you can sustain the level of fitness that I mentioned before. While I applaud you wanting to plan and prepare, you're nowhere near where you need to be yet, and your past history suggests that giving you any advice right now is a crapshoot at best.

AFTER you've reached a level of sustained fitness from running, then feel free to come back and ask people for advice. Until then, my suggestion is that you just shut up and run.