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Andrew A.

Magill nails it again, though I must admit that the marathon does intrigue me.  However, not really any more than the 100K does. 8)

for me, I find that most of the local 5K,10K, 10 mile and half marathons are charging almost as much to enter as some of the smaller marathons I travel to, so why run smaller races when they are going to gouge me? I'd rather travel and run a marathon. On the other hand I'll run our local 5 mile turkey trot that benefits the food bank (all the proceeds go to the food bank, and they give me the option of NOT getting the shirt)…

Must be that East Coast inflation.  😉  Here in the Mountain West, I can find plenty of inexpensive and competitive races from 1 mile through half-marathon.  Would like to see some more 15 mile, 25K, 30K, etc. races, of course.  :-