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The prize money for the races left no doubt as to which distance was favored: The 5K championship offered $9,000 in total prize money; the marathon had a purse of $55,000.


actually if you calculate the $/K it works out that the 5K gets $1800 per kilometer where the marathon only gets $304.55 per kilometer… so mayber the 5K is getting more (per kilometer)respect as well as more prize money 😉

for me, I find that most of the local 5K,10K, 10 mile and half marathons are charging almost as much to enter as some of the smaller marathons I travel to, so why run smaller races when they are going to gouge me? I'd rather travel and run a marathon. On the other hand I'll run our local 5 mile turkey trot that benefits the food bank (all the proceeds go to the food bank, and they give me the option of NOT getting the shirt)…