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By leg speed, some might mean things like high knees, strides, and bounding. Is this a hard workout? I think it depends. Doing 20 200 meter strides at the end of an easy run seems hard for me right now, but doing about 4 might not make the day “hard”. If you feel you can do three days a week of hill workouts, maybe on one to three of the other days you can do easy runs with some light leg speed drills. I'm not sure how much this helps. I hope you find what works for you.

Then do less.  You are the one responsible for fitting any training to yourself.

What I meant by rest days was the easy running days in between.  This schedule and way of thinking seems unreasonable to me…….

Monday : hard ,  Tuesday: hard,  Wednesday: hard  Thursday: hard  Friday: hard  Sunday: medium I guess.

This seems like recipe for injury. 

I thought it should be an easy/hard pattern……

Monday: hard   Tuesday: easy,  Wednesday: hard….Thursday: easy…etc.

Or maybe I am misunderstanding lydiard here.  He mentions easy hard pattern for anaerobic training but why not the hill phase. He mentioned that they were demanding workouts.  But hard days back to back for six days!?