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I updated my log, finally, with my few little miles that probably didn't help the total much.  Since I started using the log a couple of years ago I've pretty much given up any other logs I was keeping.  The Garmin is great because it keeps track of the mileage, but it also allows me to get lazy about updating my running log.  Before I used the Garmin I had to be pretty good about keeping up a running log or I would just start to forget details.  The Iron Man watch only had time and splits…

Anyway, even though I've finally entered the digital age and rely on my Garmin to keep track of my mileage I still like to keep the log because I can add a lot more details about my run.  Before I used the hillrunner log I used to use the Daily Mile online log.  I wasn't crazy about it, it lacked a lot of useful features, but I did like that you can share your log with other people.

So I was wondering, in addition to being able to edit an entry, is it possible to make the logs public to group?  I don't know if everyone would like that, or how hard that is to do, but I think that would be fun.  Maybe it could be optional to allow others to view/comment on your entries?  I have no idea what's involved in doing something like that so feel free to tell me I'm nuts  😛  It's just a thought. 

In the meantime I will try to increase my mileage contribution…. it's slow going, but I'm hoping that will soon change.