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Well, ya see, I can sort of feel myself running on the inner part of my foot.  Sometimes I even feel myself closer to the edge of my foot. 

The supinating part is rare while running, however, it would happen occasionally if I happen to miscalculate my step.  It would completely roll outward and sort of “catch my step.”

There've been prior times I've supinated the much of time, though…

Yes – the Orthopedist has to be out for now 🙁  My 'rents are refusing to pay for the appointment.  I haven't really saved up enough at all, considering I've had to apply myself to academics for a while.  I'm also graduating right now and we just finished paying $170 in senior dues. 

The best I can do are suggested insoles that I can get at footlocker and/or modells and/or offline.