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X101stinf, an example of this is what my employer does. $10 a week comes right off your premium if you both sign up for a wellness plan sponsored by the company/insurance plan and verify you are tobacco free. In addition, if you log 150 workouts of 30 minutes or more over the course of the year and get a free annual check-up while meeting certain guidelines (weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.), you get $400 back at the end of the year.

This is a model that quite a few politicians, Republican and Democrat, state and national, have shown a lot of interest in. It's also one that several other employers and insurance providers have been using as a model for similar plans of their own.

It's a hard sell to “charge more” for being in bad health but it's a very good sell and very effective to offer incentives for good health habits. It's also quite cost effective. Our company had outside consultants review the cost structure of our incentive program and found that the $920/year per employee that this costs the company actually saves the company nearly 3 times that per employee through early diagnosis and treatment of everything from high blood pressure to cancer and through employees getting healthier via non-medical methods, primarily eating healthy and exercising.