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Ed, agreed fully and I'm not discounting the personal responsibility that plays a big role in this. I just think we also have to realize that political decisions and marketing and lobbying by large corporations play a role in this.

It's not always easy to get in season food. Some people don't have cars and don't have supermarkets within walking distance or on bus routes. There are places in Milwaukee where some people simply don't have options. There's a junk food chain on every corner but healthy options in some places are much harder to find, if not impossible for those without independent travel options. Obviously, these are a minority of people and this is a problem involving the majority of people but I'm just trying to point out that it's not as simple for everyone as it is for you and me. Maybe, with better incentives, the healthy options could be available on every corner and the junk food options could be the “luxuries” that are not available to everyone. In the ideal world, that's how it would be, the good stuff convenient and the junk hard to get.