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Doc Cole wrote:
instead look at how he handled those factors with the wisdom of a veteran.

Wisdom of a veteran? The story I heard is that he was running into the wind with a couple of guys then decided to pick up the pace early in the race and venture out on his own before fading. You can call that a “wonderful learning experience” if you want but I wouldn’t call it “wisdom of a veteran.”

he can gain racing experience along the way but doing too much would sacrifice the real key to accomplishing his goal – getting in the training required to build the fitness needed to run 2:22:00 or faster.

I think racing can help build fitness too. That’s why I asked my original question regarding Ryan’s plans for 2005 and 2006.


I think it’s great that running in the Trials is your ultimate goal. I don’t care if you race every weekend between now and then or if you only make one attempt at qualifying. I was just curious about how you planned on getting there. We never hear how your training is going and very seldom do we hear about races of any length.

You might find this article inspiring.