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Of course, and I mentioned that above.  It is an unreasonable view, morbid or not.  That would be like saying that HGH and steroids should be permissible if they are allowed to every potential competitor — allowing something that could come at a significant physiological cost on the basis anyone could assume that same risk is unfair in and of itself.

True. Again, this comes back to the question of whether they would offer a benefit as HGH and steroids do.

Certainly, and yet there is ostensibly no valid basis for comparison.

It is not merely measurements of drag, spring, etc., but how those particular measurements compare with those of the control, an able-bodied person.  What would be used for the control subject in such a study?  The drag on somebody else's leg, the spring of somebody else's lower leg (which is incredibly difficult to isolate), etc.?  It would appear that there is too much difference to make any comparison hold.

The drag and spring of the prosthetic could be measured against the drag and spring of athletes of similar ability. If outside of a reasonable percentile, then it would be evidence of aid. Again, I'm not sure this would still be fair and, the more I debate and think over this, the more I'm convinced that the prosthetics do provide obvious aid and should not be allowed. Another factor to consider is that his ratio of hard working muscles to more lightly working muscles, which might affect blood lactate levels and a 400 meter runner's ability to maintain speed over the final 100, would be lower.