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Hi everyone, I'm new here on the Hillrunner website.  I've been reading and enjoying the topics on this site.  I came here from, most of all the members there are gone. I will only visit the coolrunning web-site to look up results, the whole thing is totally screwed up.
I want to share my pain with you.  Today, I am sending my Boston Marathon number back to the BAA.  My left shin has a stress fracture, I have not run in three weeks and I'm going in same. Would I be ready to run another Marathon in June or should I just wait for a fall Marathon? I have run 3 Marathons in my lifetime, but have run tons of 1/2 and gazillions 5k & 10k.  I love to run.

Hey Cardio,

Can you desribe the pain in your shin? I have a similar situation, and I am thinking it too may be a stress fracture…