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First, there are runners who run hard to run 4:00.  Why criticize them.
Why, indeed — better yet, where was such criticism found? 
Second, synthetic fabric is the best thing since sliced bread.
Again, where was it claimed otherwise that would allow you room for disagreement?

70mpw and long runs must have got the best of me!
Perhaps not a coincidence though likely not any causation, outside of perhaps the long runs being too high of a % of that '70mpw' — of course it likely might be something else entirely that has been overlooked or not given proper consideration.

You coming after me or what?

The article states 4:00 marathoners are “slow pokes” and in danger of overhydration.  If someone called me a slow poke I'd take that as criticism.

On the synthetic fabric, the article states that runners wearing this attire look like something out of NASA.  Once again I'd say the author is suggestion this stuff is a joke….criticism. 

On my training.  My 70mpw program is 100% Pfitz.  I missed ONE day in 18 weeks due to INJURY.  Are you questioning his program?

IMO this article is 100% criticizing the recreational runner.  The thing is those recreational runners are the ones dumping $$ into the running economy and keeping this already waning sport alive.  Maybe if even more slowpokes would take up running there would be enough interest to televise a T&F event once in a while.  Maybe even a nationally televised Marathon??

I haven't taken the time to read this entire thread…maybe I'll do so now.