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You coming after me or what?


The article states 4:00 marathoners are “slow pokes” and in danger of overhydration.  If someone called me a slow poke I'd take that as criticism.

Where is that?  Quote the passage, I have read the article multiple times and that was not stated even implicitly.

On the synthetic fabric, the article states that runners wearing this attire look like something out of NASA.  Once again I'd say the author is suggestion [sic] this stuff is a joke….criticism.

That does not make it correct.  The context was apparently missed and thus so was the main idea.

On my training.  My 70mpw program is 100% Pfitz.  I missed ONE day in 18 weeks due to INJURY.  Are you questioning his program?

How you train is a mystery to me; a rather common possible problematic issue was simply suggested, it is left to you to decide whether or not it might fit.

IMO this article is 100% criticizing the recreational runner.

Only if one goes out of one's way to interpret that way.  The author's object of criticism was outlined early on and should be easy enough to keep in mind as one reads further into the article. 

The thing is those recreational runners are the ones dumping $$ into the running economy and keeping this already waning sport alive.

Despite senses of entitlement, the sport was in no way “waning” before one-and-done just-get-to-the-finish participants (most are seemingly not runners) swelled their ranks and as a group they in fact take more from the sport than they contribute to it, their participation is subsidized by the vast majority of marathoners who hit the starting line with performance aims. 

Maybe if even more slowpokes would take up running there would be enough interest to televise a T&F event once in a while.

Despite the fact that televised T&F has worsened since the ballooning of the marathon ranks and subsequently the average finish time? 

Maybe even a nationally televised Marathon??

Boston is annually televised.

I haven't taken the time to read this entire thread…maybe I'll do so now. 

Better late than never.  8)