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Ryan wrote:
However, I have to wonder if all but flat out telling international elites that they aren’t wanted at TCM will really help that race become a development grounds for Americans. If you want to keep up with the world’s best, you have to run with the world’s best.

Unfortunately, the international elites have become a relative nonfactor in recent editions. The past couple of years TCM has seen rather uncompetitive races won by national class runners in unstellar times, though it is still quite good for a regional race – better than most. The above news is not much of a radical departure from the trend this race has been following. Instead of some old foreigners in the 2:11-2:19 range (for males) they will likely draw in some young Americans in roughly the same range. I understand that it is a good course and typically enjoys good racing conditions so I do not doubt that it could be an enticing alternative for quite a few who do not want to risk the fluctuating coastal weather of NYCM or the meatgrinder that either NYCM or Chicago can be for American runners who aren’t ready to go sub-2:12 or sub-2:30/2:35 just yet.