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Grimm and Zeke have already offered great advice. Yes, I think that is something that would be worthwhile to shoot for. Nobody at this point can tell you that you definitely can do it but nobody at this point can tell you that you don't have a chance. The fact is you have a chance but it's going to be hard.

You improved by nearly 15 minutes from last spring to last fall when you stepped up to 70 mpw. You most likely can't expect the same improvement again from spring to fall but why not 10-11 minutes? That doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility if you step back up to the 70 mpw or, if you're so inclined, a bit more.

Believe in yourself, as it sounds like you already do. Take Grimm's idea of leaving messages to yourself on the mirror, on the refrigerator, on your computer monitor, or wherever else. Internalize 3:19. Do the training for it. When September or October rolls around, you'll have a good idea of where you are and at that time can with more accuracy determine how realistic that goal is. As of now, I'd say it would be a difficult goal but goals are supposed to be difficult. They are supposed to be something that we use to strive to get the most out of ourselves.