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Including my planned run tonight (14 miles):

427.6 miles for the month, which is a new high by 16. 

Jan 1-7:  80.8
Jan 8-14: 93.1
Jan 15-21: 101
Jan 22-28: 106.1
Jan 29-31: 46.6

Just building volume, most of the running was done at easy to moderate pace though I did throw an time trial type run in on Jan 1 to get a feel for where I am at.  No races though I am jumping into a 1/2 this weekend just to get a hard run in even though I want to keep my volume around 100 this week.  I'll keep the volume up through Feb. then begin to focus on some short stuff to see what I can do in the 10k this spring.

I've also lost 7 pounds this month.