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Wow, I have things added up (I think) accurately in a timely manner. 335 miles, 36 runs, 30 days running.

Nothing too exciting. Building volume this month, had an unplanned but needed cutback week around the middle of the month when the increases took their toll on me. Paces have been falling back as the volume climbs but have been bouncing back over the past couple of days. I'll probably settle in with the volume pretty soon with only incremental increases, which will allow my paces to begin increasing.

Over the final 10 days of the month, I've had 132 miles on 13 runs including 95 miles on 9 runs last week. Two of my past 3 weeks have been 90 or more miles on 9 runs. This bodes well for February as I work on maintaining that with some consistency, outside of occasional cutback weeks.

No races in January. Have one or two I'm looking at for February but may only do one and probably won't treat any I do too seriously. Just want to get the racing feeling and do something that will force me to turn the legs over a bit.

Sounds like we have some solid training getting logged out there. Cameron, hopefully your training as a whole for January is going as well as the mileage suggests. A personal high in January, as long as the rest of the variables are in place, bodes well for Boston.