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The records of my running are very poor, but I would have to say that this has been my highest monthly total as well.  It looks like about 310 on 30 days of running (yesterday being the exception, some tenderness in the high-ankle area, feels better today though)  I managed two 20 milers this month and 8 runs of 15+.  If I can stay healthy, I feel that I am on track to being truly prepared for a marathon for the first time in what will be my 7th try.

In this proposed run at the Petit, will the goal be mileage or speed?  If the goal is some company to avoid the dizziness of an indoor 20 miler on Sunday AM, I'm in (if I'm welcome).  Couldn't do it Sat AM as I have to work. 

Those are some impressive totals out there considering how the weather decided to stop cooperating.  Keep it up!