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Believe it or not –

Zeke's demeanor is right for me – same with Peter's shut up and run.  I do not know why it takes that with me but it does.  I do not like that about me – but I am what I am. 

So it took me 3 years to get a partial clue (cripes sake).

Zeke has the most reason to be frustrated – he coached me to that good 1:28 half mary and I dropped off the map on him.

I want people to know that Zeke would make a very good coach if he is still interested in coaching people after dealing with me.

Zeke – Since both of my children are going into school this year my wife is getting her schedule changed – she'll rarely have the 2nd shift hours anymore.  That means more time to “shut up and run”.

I hope to make all of you proud late next year.