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Usually 1 key other race a year.  But other years I raced 1-2 races each month – 5k-5M-10k – 16 races + 2-3 marathons

YTD – I have racd 5 times less than last year –

Other years I would “Kill” myself in workouts – Barely being able to walk after some morning runs the rest of the day.  This year I am trying to take a more practical approach – Get 90-95% of workout in – don't kill yourself – Theory is you will  be able to do quality more often.  Killing yourself is for races. 

Reality – I am getting less quality workouts in (Lack of motivation)  I am having a harder time pushing the red line in races.  The benefit – I am consuming much less ibuprofen.  Many less ice buckets – I can walk normally around  work most days.

Total YTD mileage is about the same as the last 2 years