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I thought “metronomic precision” was a great description of that race. To run perfectly even splits between the first and second halves and to vary so little for every 5k is incredible.

I think you would find that all elites are working at things from every angle possible. The story of Kastor just makes what everyone is doing very visible in her case and her run in London clearly demonstrated that she has it down. Of course, when you can simply run away from the competition, even splits like that is a great way to go. In a battle like the men's race, tactics like surges and sitting back in the pack to determine your point to move preclude the ability to run with the kind of pace precision Kastor demonstrated but that doesn't mean that anyone in the top 10 on either side doesn't focus on those issues the way Kastor did. It just means the circumstances surrounding her race allowed her to demonstrate her focus on those issues much more vividly than anyone else in London yesterday.

To an extent, Kastor did seem to fly under the radar but I suspect that had as much to do with the circumstances surrounding the race again. The media was busy covering a wide open men's race that promised to be very competitive. That's a much more exciting race to cover than the expected solo run in the women's race. Had Radcliffe, Ndereba, or some other big guns on the women's side been there, I bet you would have heard a lot more about the women's field, including Kastor.