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Andrew A.


At this point, I am no longer certain that I will run masters nationals. My priorities for this year are shifting to put more emphasis on setting up our land to raise more of our own food in the future and less about running. I think that it is a good shift and much more important in running for myself and my family. We've been reading Joel Salatin's books and we are excited about expanding our production and learning to do it sustainably. It seems ridiculous for us to be spending so much on groceries when we have 13 acres that we're hardly using.

As one who has been reading Mother Earth News for most of my life, I am rather envious, hope that goes really well for you.  Perhaps you could blog about that and let us follow the progress.  Incidentally, I may be out for Masters Nationals, too.  Might still go, but it is also a lower priority for me, too.  Club CC in Bend, OR remains the primary focus of the year for me.  I also have a July 4th five-day weekend of camping and trails in the mountains of the SW part of CO in the works, so that might be my big summer trip.