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Thanks for the running feedback and the garden/livestock interest.

With regards to the latter, I am willing to post about it, but I in this partnership with my wife, I am more of the laborer than the brain, but I am learning. She has shared much of her knowledge at our website.

Right now, we are reading Joel Salatin's books and trying to figure out how his lessons can apply to us in our smaller context. He's running a business, but we're mainly wanting to feed ourselves and through cutting costs and perhaps a bit of selling to allow my wife to quit her work away from the farm.

In the short term, we are moving our goats to different pastures more frequently. Ideally, we would do this with electric fencing, but we did not have funds available for purchasing anything, so we are making do by repurposing cattle panels that had been in use elsewhere. Joel likes to move his animals everyday, but in our case, we actually want our goats to destroy some of the shrubs and things that they like to eat to make room for more grass. So we might let them stay in the same area longer. We also have many fewer goats than he has cows.

Now that the goats are settling in again, our focus is shifting to the gardens. This weekend we planted broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries, and some flowers. I also scavenged some lumber from an old barn on our property (It was too far gone to salvage when we moved in.) to build some small raised beds. The first was a hexagon bed 1' on a side for an ornamental herb. The second is a 2'x2' bed that will be the top tier of a tiered strawberry bed. The bottom tier was already built it was part of my daughter's flower garden last year and this year is being reallocated for strawberries.

I'm also working on digging up the post for an old satellite dish. It is in space that we intend to use for gardening. I've dug down about a foot below the concrete all the way around and cannot move the post at all. I would have thought that I should at least be able to create a little wiggle. I'm beginning to despair about how deep or heavy this thing might be.

In the future, I will post garden/sustainability related stuff in the non-running forum or a blog entry (should those be running related too?), but I thought I could get away with some non-running here since it is in response to previous posts and also related to why I'm reducing my racing schedule this year.  🙂