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Yeah, RD Jeff Crumbaugh has been rightly profiled in Running Times, Runner's World and, ahem, my mag.

Anne, I stuck with my Asics 2110 road shoes for the 10K and 25K (and they're still drying out from the latter race) and my lightly used Inov-8 Flyrocs for the hill climb. The Flyrocs are supposed to me more of a fell/mountain trail racing shoe. The route to the summit of ole Baldy fit the bill, though. They have a reinforced toe and a lower profile so twisting an ankle is less likely. But because my right foot's slightly longer than my left, I get a blister on my right heel and the little toe gets scrunched and sore if I wear the Flyrocs too long. More than you needed to know …

The deer flies were nasty near the beach in Eagle River while we waited for the race to start. Otherwise, they weren't a problem so long as I was running. Couldn't keep up me, I guess.