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Adimal, let me say publicly that I don't believe you cost me a BQ. I could just as easily “blame you” for getting me a PR, you bastard! ::)

I'll admit I had it in the back of my mind to go after 3:15 if it didn't look like 3:10 was going to pan out. But I never would have committed to a 3:10 pace if I didn't think I/we had a chance to carry it through. My only regret is we didn't talk about back-up plans. Once you fell off the 7:14 pace, the wind left your sails. I bet you could have gone after a 3:20 finish if you had  cemented that option in your head ahead of time. We've got to toughen you up mentally!

You set a gutsy pace for the both of us. And I'm hurtin' because of it. Thanks for the challenge. You're still my favorite marathon running brother-in-law! ;D