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I have been running 5-6 days a week since my return to running and the two previous attempts in the past year at the marathon (Columbus – 2:57, Boston 3:17) I was not prepared to go the distance physically or mentally, which forced me to walk/run it in.  I do not want that to happen again and I am concerned that if my last long-run is 5 weeks out I will mentally feel that I am not ready.  I think I will go with the warmup/cooldown approach with the half-marathon as I will get about 17 miles in, thanks for the help.  My last long-run and race times indicate that I should be able to easily achieve my goal of sub-2:45.  My 22 mile long-run I did this past weekend was a gradual build effort in 2:31 and my race double the weekend before was 1:12:31 for 20K (5:50 per mile) and then a dead-legged, hilly and partially crushed limestone course half marathon two days later in 1:20:06 (6:07 per mile).  So overall I think I am ready.