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No, not really.  If you took the time and went with an appropriate pace, I would imagine that you could go out and run 40 miles right now.  Or do a slow half and then a slow marathon the following day.  The best approach would be to simply continue to do all that you can within the context of your routine.  The consistency ethic still applies.  Going 10-12 on Saturdays and 14-18 on Sundays (or vice versa) – just as an example, the numbers and ordering can vary and there could also be a midweek longer run of perhaps 10-15 along with or in place of one of those runs, et cetera – makes more sense than something like 25-35 on Saturdays or Sundays and then needing days off before and after just to accommodate that acute overload of applied stress.  Just like anyone who tries to cram in >25% of their weekly volume into one run, it will typically lead to compromised in fitness in the long term if not increased risk of injury.