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My take on Ritz is that he could do something special in the marathon. I don't know if his potential is equal to that of Hall's but I do think he has a lot of upside. That said, GTF raises a great point. His ability to remain healthy is questionable. Also, as GTF mentioned, I think it would be a great choice for Ritz (or anyone for that matter but Ritz has mentioned it) to choose the 10,000 over the marathon due to the conditions they will be facing in Beijing. I wouldn't be surprised if those conditions end the careers of at least a couple of the marathoners. It's going to take a lot to get through the marathon in those conditions and some runners will never be the same after doing so. Hopefully, the bright future of marathoners that GTF mentioned won't be too negatively affected by this. It would be a shame to see Wanjiru, Hall, or any of the other up and coming stars burn out before their times have really come.