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As far as Hall goes – To me he is the most exciting american to come along in awhile.  He joins a bunch of other young runners currently on the scene – There used to be 1 guy being able to run 2:05, now there are some that have and many more with the potential.  Eventually the more runners close to the WR, one will substantially better the WR.

If we had 20 Wanjirus' – 21 years old with his potential – I would say sub 2:02 or 2:01 or maybe even 2:00 would happen within the next 10+ years. 

I would love for the USA to have 10 Hall potential type runners – But I think we have only one right now – So we cheer and media covers –  I think even the Kenyan's know a great USA hopeful is good for them – The more mainstream americans get interested in running the more money there will be available for Kenyans to get in endorsements and prize money.