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Although I agree most people know about the Boston marathon – No one I work with (250+ people)has any idea when it is or anything about it.  Americans had a great showing in 2006 finishing 3-4-5-7-10-11 I had 0 conversations about it at work.  Of course Hall running a 2:06 at London – I had 0 conversations about it at work.

So why do you think Hall has run 2 London Marathons?  0 Boston marathons?  Do you think Hall would beat Cheruiyot?  I do agree that Hall would have a better chance to win Boston with lessor top runners, but I also know he felt he had a chance to win London.  Why did he choose the harder race to win?  Why do more top runners worldwide choose London and Chicago over Boston?

Boston is offering the most prize money of any of the wold majors … but of course I do not kwow how much guranteed money is handed out at London (Probably exponentially more)

I am trying to follow your logic, since you have stated my logic is Dorkey, but … Hall is not following your logic either.