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Chris, good point. Hall hasn't really shown a big finish, especially in the marathon (outside of the Olympic Trials where he was simply head and shoulders above the rest of the field). Of course, part of that in the marathon I think has to do with the fact that he was racing with guys who were simply better than him. Both times in London, he hung with them until he couldn't any more, then he faded. If he keeps working at this thing, one of these times, he might find himself not fading. However, whether Boston or London, he can't simply run with the lead pack and not fade if he wants to win. Maybe it's only a matter of time until he develops the ability to go 2:05 pace, then drop the hammer in the final 2 miles. Until then, though, he's probably not going to be winning whether he's in Boston or London.

As for his AR half marathon, I didn't see any coverage in the general media locally or nationally. The only coverage I saw was what I found in the online running media.