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…sorry I should probably add if you do some searches for Jon Davies you will find some good insight. He was easily the best of 'arthur's boys' that coached.

On a slight side note I'll add that when I lived in NZ I ran on the some of more well know routes of kiwi running folklore. the most famous being the waitakere range route (that route of the 22 miler, but we did some slighty shoter version at 20 miles) and it was as nasty a piece of long running as one could imagine. The first 40mins was a nice flat run throu the suburbs, but that last hr 20 was brutal…..we began with a 20min run uphill and then the real fun began with the nastiest rolling hills I have probably ever run which led to a downhill 2-3 miles to the finish. So when lydiard says to go for the easy sunday long aerobic run understand that this was really long fartlek style run ala Bill Squires change of pace long runs. By accident I also ended up running on some of the routes of Dixon in his hometown (Nelson), and went on another brutal run where Jack Foster used to apparently do many of his runs.

The funniest story of the bunch (which I've probably told before) was the first weekend I was in town and first met many of the guys i would end up training with while lived there. The centre of running in Auckland is a park called the Auckland Domain. I show up and see this old guy in baggy tights who is only coaching and think to myself….jesus buddy at least put on a pair of warm up pants as opposed to those tights. So i meet the guys and one of them aks me if I know who Barry Magee is…of course i reply……and as my luck turns out you can now guess who the guy in the tights was……

It was interesting to have a perspective of what lydiard said and what really occurred…